Hi there, it’s Andrew, at My Franchise Partners. A brief chat today about franchising your business. I have been approached by numerous business owners who are considering their next growth strategy. Franchising is a terrific growth strategy.

The big question is “Why?”

We will look at your past successes. How long you have been in business is a great thing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have enjoyed success.

Do you have clear and proven management processes in place? Can we build these into the foundation of an operations manual? Your future franchise partners will need a guiding light to help them run their business effectively.

Quite often the business can be franchised. But the owners not so much so. If you’re not used to running a larger scale operation with multiple moving parts and delegating, you may be challenged. Coaching and on-going mentoring can prepare you provided you are ready and open to coaching.

It’s really about business and being sales oriented in order to grow. You now own and operate a sales organization. Your primary focus has changed.

If you don’t have the mindset of helping others around you develop and grow, you will likely have a tough time building your franchise model.

And it’s worth a chat for a free consultation to see if you’re ready to roll in the world of franchising. http://www.myfranchisepartners.com