Oversight and full operational support for absentee franchise owners and new franchisees.


What Is MFP Business Management?

Our dedicated team ensures your business delivers the desired customer experience.  

Your business is operated at the highest level.

All KPI align with mutually agreed upon targets.

We handle the headaches, you enjoy the reward.

Who is a good fit for MFP Business Management?

Do you want to own a business without the daily management headaches? 

Ideal Candidates:

  • Business owners who want to build an empire!
  • Individuals and families working towards investor visas!
  • Investors who want a passive business!
  • Entrepreneurs not ready to quit their day job!
  • Franchisees who need help finding the right service providers!

    What are the Franchisee’s responsibilities?

    The franchisee can decide their level of involvement. We follow your lead!

    The most basic level of engagement will include:

    *Approve the strategic plan
    *Approve and fund the budget
    *Sign off on locations, contractors and vendors
    *Review monthly management reports

    Site Selection

    We find the right location with the best characteristics for the long-term success of your business.


    Our development team manages the construction process from start to finish with timely communication to the franchisee and franchisor.


    We help you build an ideal Candidate profile for each role in your business. We then recruit quality business coaches to oversee the staff at your business.


    Our marketing team creates a local marketing strategy, building local brand awareness and traffic.

    Equipment and Vehicles

    Lease, buy or lease to own can be a daunting initial decision. With the franchisee, we define the parameters and present solutions.

    Payment Processing

    Your clients will need to pay at some point. Let’s make it easy for them and affordable for you.

    On-Going Support

    Our support continues past the grand opening. We work closely with the franchisee and management team to provide the tools, systems and programs necessary to grow the business to maximum potential.

    Management Reports

    We provide transparent financial and operations performance reporting and create action plans to address potential opportunities.

    Group Benefits

    Benefits are attractive, even to the smallest franchisor and franchisee. We will connect you with our preferred partner for Group Benefits for a free consultation.

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