Franchises offer innovative systems and processes.

Franchises help business-minded individuals grow with exceptional training, support, marketing and back office support.
Pairing these traits with innovative systems, processes and a team of business and marketing specialists creates a proven formula for success. Franchises offer innovative systems.

The best home improvement franchises consistently deliver the best customer experience and solve a massive problem for both homeowners and contractors

The $77B landscape and lawn care industry is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. All things considered we can expect stability and steady growth in a thriving industry.
With many small business owners retiring over the next 10 years, the supply of competent landscape contractors is shrinking every day. As a result, landscape franchises are in-demand in the Canadian and US markets.

Not blown away by your career development. Franchises offer innovative systems

Low cost of entry and higher earnings potential ranked highest on the list of factors most important to franchise buyers.
One segment of buyers is attracted by established brands, systems, proven technology, training and support.
A second group is drawn by individually-focused goals. They express a desire for flexibility in their work schedule, and to a somewhat lesser degree the ability to work from home.
These segments are not mutually exclusive, there is overlap.

Emerging franchises increase their appeal by featuring a flexible work schedule, highlighting training, support and technology platform.

Finding the right franchise, is not just about the money. With this in mind, at My Franchise Partners, we help individuals align with strong franchise brands that meet their needs and goals. We encourage you to seek expert advice before investing in a business.

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