When you think of franchises, what do you think about? Maybe you think of bricks and mortar, you think the big names, and the burgers and fries, and ice cream sectors things like that, fast food restaurants, retail stores, and very expensive mall locations high rent. It is time to expand your franchise knowledge.

Okay there’s an abundance of low investment franchises that are home based or can be run from a shared office space, or a very inexpensive industrial space that may be 800, 500, 1 000 square feet industrial area, home base in your first year, home based in perpetuity for the franchise.

Many of these do not cost any bricks and mortar. One, it’ll cost three four or five hundred thousand dollars for initial investment, you have a ten-year debt, you know pay off that could be your profit okay.

Think more the range of eighty thousand, hundred thousand, hundred ten thousand, some cases even sixty thousand dollars.

Home based one, you already have a vehicle, you even have an SUV or a pickup truck that can work very well as your vehicle for your business, think small, think diverse and don’t be confused that just because the initial investment is only eighty thousand dollars, I say only quotation marks is a relative term obviously, but only eighty thousand dollars you cannot make high income.

Nothing is further from the truth. There’s a few franchises I work with, 30, 80 000, 70 000 range traditional investment, their top quartile earned 250 plus for one of them, four hundred thousands of million dollars for another one, others are hundred thousand dollars plus income, as income not sales right, bottom line for you.

So think beyond traditional franchises based on bricks and mortar. Learn about home based businesses, the home improvement sector, mobile franchises, B2B and B2C.

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