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Staying Ahead Of The Competition

1-Response Time
Always answer the phone when it rings. Some business owners have a policy to not let the phone ring more than once.
Customers are calling now because they want service now
If they have to leave a message, they may call the next company on their list.
Stay on top of things by submitting your quotes promptly. This demonstrates customer service, confidence in your knowledge and your ability
2-Finding Those Pain Points
Customers leave their previous suppliers because they aren’t happy with the service they received. Put yourself one step ahead of the last service provider.
This creates a positive working relationship from the beginning
3-Maintain the Relationship
Customer service is key in any industry. Establishing a trusting relationship from the start creates great word of mouth advertising and will drive referrals for your business.
Everybody knows somebody and that somebody could be your next customer
You and your clients are partners in each others success
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