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Self Employment Versus A Job

Self Employment gives you a reason to go to work. A Job is just a place to go to work.

Franchising makes the transition from employee to decision maker easier with training, on-going support, proven systems, financing options and a myriad of affordable opportunities.

Your dream job will always remain a dream until you take the first step. Fear of the unknown can be a crippling factor

Due diligence, strategic partnerships and careful planning can mitigate the causes of your fear.

Due diligence includes reviewing all available financial information, demographic data, understanding the lease, discussing a succession plan, reviewing licencing demands for your business as well as for the employees and other legal matters.

A lawyer can review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and get you set up as an incorporated entity. A lease specialist can help you navigate the lease. An accountant will ensure you are set up correctly for basic bookkeeping functions and ensure you are ready for tax time. Staffing agencies can help you get qualified employees on board at the right rate.

As your franchise broker, I facilitate finding qualified professionals to help with every step of the process.

Taking care of the business basics in the due diligence process will enable you to focus on business development. You can begin to put money in your pocket, where it belongs.

An experienced, certified franchise broker can save you hours of research time as well as saving you thousands of dollars. Franchise brokers research franchise opportunities, review market demographics, analyze market trends, help negotiate terms, find un-advertised re-sale opportunities.

A franchise broker also provides objective feedback on your fit for a particular opportunity. It is important to get the right business, not just any business.

As your franchise broker, I help gather all of the information necessary to make an educated, objective decision. I coach you through the process and make you aware of opportunities and challenges. This is all done at no charge to you. Much like real estate, the seller, in this case the franchisor, will pay my fee.

The journey to self employment starts with one step. Let’s enjoy the journey together.