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Persistence and Curiousity

Years ago, when I started my 1st job as a Finance and Operations Controller for a small manufacturer in Ontario, I was told not to waste my time looking into in-bound and out-bound logistics across Canada and the US
It was made very clear that my predecessor had just negotiated a great new deal
So where did I go 1st. That’s right, I went right to the forbidden cookie jar.
I reviewed the new freight deals and researched our freight activity and costs over the last few years
In the end it was clear there were a lot of concerns.
Over the next few months I researched and analyzed the life out of each distribution hub by volume, frequency, cost, damage claims, late deliveries, lost shipments and many other issues
In the end, my analysis reduced the freight costs for the company by almost 20%
I analyzed and negotiated better deals for our 26 distribution channels by understanding the key success factors for us and our end users.
The best deals are a win for everybody at the table
The choice to be confident and curious is all yours
If you don’t look, you won’t find and you can’t get a yes to the questions you don’t ask
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