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For Some, COVID Levels The Playing Field

As perverse as it may sound, for many individuals, COVID has been a great equalizer
Think of the many people who are held back by a lack of handicapped access to countless stores and offices.
Think about the single parents who never have enough time in a day to get things done (that’s me).
Then there are also those who must rely on transit for all their transportation needs for work and pleasure.
Don’t forget the moms and dads who miss family events because their job involves extensive travel
Just like everyone else, all of these individuals can shop on-line, they can view movies on-line, attend meetings on-line, connect with friends on-line, learn new skills and hobbies on-line
Now they will do this and more, from the comfort of their home, just like everyone else. The playing field has been leveled!
I work with many franchisors with work from home models. Many other franchisors have low touch, low risk models.
Contact me, let’s check it out. Take a walk on the wild side!

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