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Coachability is an important key to success in many pursuits from athletes to musicians to business owners
The overarching motto of franchising is: “In business for yourself, not by yourself.”
We have all heard this mantra many times
Most successful franchisees also adopt the philosophy of “when in doubt, ask.”
There may be an abundance of support at your fingertips but nobody knows you are struggling unless you ask for help
Reach out before you are in too deep! Take an active role in peer support groups.
Successful franchisees actively embrace opportunities to learn from others within their franchise system.
The best path to maximize success is to consistently seek the advice of the franchisor support staff and your peer group of other franchisees.
Just like a successful athlete asks his / her coach for advice on a consistent basis, so should a business owner.
Be comfortable and confident in seeking advice; it is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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