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Entrepreneurs will tell you there is more work to be done than there are hours in the day. As a result, growth stalls. Franchising is no exception.

Above all, business owners need to be experts at two functions:
1 – RUNNING the core business requires operating systems and processes necessary to deliver the best result.
2 – GROWING the business demands a commitment to training and documenting standard operating standards.

Together, we will build your franchise from a concept. Similarly, we develop an existing business as a franchise. Most importantly, we focus on franchising while you focus on running the core business.


1 – Foundation  2 – Scaling the Business  3 – Creating value.

Above all, franchise development is about scaling current practices and accelerating growth.

In conclusion, there are two principle ways to build our long-term relationship:
1 – Fee For Service – a long-term perspective needs to be discussed and managed in a manner that is equitable for everyone
2 – Equity Stake; not every small business owner is comfortable releasing equity in their company. The arrangement will be carefully arranged to benefit both sides.

My Franchise Partners does not invest money in your franchise business, we function as the franchise development arm of the company.
You will have an experienced team of franchising experts beside you step by step to ensure peace of mind as your franchise business grows.

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“Andrew Hoffman is a deal maker who works hard, has the business savvy and the commitment to do a job well. He is a straight shooter and is able to get things done quickly. Quality is his highest priority and he is very strict with his standards. Andrew has been an innovator and has helped people of all types in the franchises community to achieve greater levels of success.”
Sabrina Wall
Executive Director
Franchise Brokers Association