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Business Coach

We are committed to your continued success as a business owner or as someone looking for advice to buy or takeover a business.

We help you identify and implement methods to minimize risk, improve operations, grow the bottom line and build a positive culture.

A few ideas for you to consider:

1- Schedule a minimum of one hour of quiet time each week for ‘Time To Think’

2 – Household chores – hire a house cleaner and use that time to work on your business

3 – Hire an accountant to look at your personal and business taxes

4 – Eliminate business expenses that do not help you attract or keep clients

5 – Workout regularly, business ALWAYS improves when your personal fitness improves

6 – Identify the top 20% of your client base and give them special attention

7 – Measure key metrics of your business with a weekly and monthly analysis; act on that analysis

8 – Build a winning culture – Train Tolerate or Terminate underperforming staff

9 – List 3 possible partnerships that could grow your business

10 – Eliminate, Delegate or Outsource the trivial tasks that sabotage your focus and progress

11 – Thank high performing staff

12 – Create monthly revenue goals

Top 10 Tips When Buying A Business

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