How many leads are you generating for your business? With the right strategy, your answer can double.

Try these tips to help generate more leads for franchise…

“Speak to customers throughout their buying journey” – Your leads receive marketing for your business on many different stages. It’s critical to know your entry points and ensure your content is relevant to your audience, no matter when they discover you.

“Optimize your entire website” – Thinking your leads will only find your home pages, blog site, or contact page is simply not true. Search engines introduce you to potential leads based on they’re search criteria. Because people will enter your business through various outlets – be sure every page presents your brand in the best way.

Communicate your mission statement to everyone on your team” – Your marketing should be consistent. Create a powerful mission statement or tag line that speaks to who you are and what you do and drive that message to your audience.

“Utilize the power of blogging and high-value content” – Writing articles on topics on which you can provide high-value content will establish credibility and trust. Potential leads want to learn from you before they do business with you.

“Be a consistent poster on your social platforms” – Don’t underestimate a social media schedule because people love to know when they can expect to hear from you. Ideally, you’ll have your audience looking forward to the days you post so they can get the latest on you and your business.

Generate excitement around your content.

Do you have thoughts on lead generation in the franchise industry?

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