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Adapt To Survive

Survival is based on the ability to adapt to a changing environment and evolving circumstances
Change can come in the form of slow, incremental evolution or in the form of a rapid revolution. Revolution does not inherently imply violence. It can also be rapid change in a collective thought process.
In today’s environment businesses are succeeding because they rapidly evolved
Is your business evolving quickly enough.
Food franchises grow their take out and delivery models
Junk removal franchises offer curbside pick-up
Franchisors grow with 100% virtual development and training
Home Improvement franchises work outdoors without personal contact
Cleaning franchises expand biohazard services
Sign franchises adapt machinery to produce face shields
Tax and accounting franchises go fully on-line
Beauty Salons offer online product sales and sell gift cards
Beauty salons offer do-it-yourself on-line videos
C-store franchises offer delivery service
Window cleaning franchises continue to do well
Power wash franchises cover decks, cars, trucks, driveways
Let’s map out your business survival strategy
Adaption Means Survival

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