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Embrace Change

Andrew Hoffman has been instrumental to me in making an ideal selection for a franchise.
His experience and business acumen enabled him to narrow my interest of franchises to a very manageable size which made a daunting task pretty stress-free.
He assisted me through all facets of starting my first franchise.
Conversing with me to find out what my interest/passion/hobbies are, financial capacity to invest, determining the right business model fit, assistance with business planning, ensured prompt response from franchisor on any query I had, and assistance with establishing and securing my business starting capital.
His resourcefulness and vast network certainly expedited my dream of being my own boss to actually becoming the boss. All these made a thought into reality in less than 4 months.
I enjoyed the whole step of the process. Not only did he make my dream a reality, he educated me along the way which made me more confident and comfortable to start my own franchise. I am starting my franchise reassured that I have done all my due diligence with a professional and confident because he is just a phone call away for consultation.
I will most definitely recommend Andrew Hoffman service to anyone looking to start a franchise.
Thank you very much Andrew.
Starting July 2, 2019 I will start my grand opening event with a summer camp at the Resurgo place in Moncton.
Get more details at Moncton.snapology.com or check us out on Instagram (Snapology_Moncton) and click here for our Facebook page Snapology of Moncton
Deji Ayoola
Moncton, New Brunswick


Employment to Empowerment

This isn’t your normal job ad.
You may be a talented, high-performing, high-potential business leader searching the job boards for a change. Something to bring back the spark that made you a successful business leader in the first place.
You’ve searched by position titles, worked with recruiters, worked your network and applied to dozens of jobs. Sometimes you received a response or even an interview, but not very often.
You knew the jobs you were applying for simply repeated the scenario that you have lived and breathed for too many years. You want more than rinse and repeat.
You know it’s time to stretch your wings and consider business ownership as a viable career option. You have considered it for years but could never make the move.
Change your career path from employment to empowerment; achieve your income, lifestyle and equity goals.
Invest in yourself! Get your spark back!
Apply your business skills; coach, train and mentor your own employees. Take control of your destiny.
Franchise opportunities are available throughout Canada and across the U.S!
Join the hottest industries with a solid future – we specialize in placing people in top growth franchise industries.
Your earnings potential is unlimited!
I welcome you to set up a COMPLIMENTARY strategy session.
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