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Planning For Forced Retirement

Data analysis by ProPublica and the Urban Institute shows more than half of older U.S. workers are prematurely pushed out of longtime jobs.

Being forced out of a career before choosing to retire can cause irreparable financial and emotional damage.

Forced retirement is an abject and shameful waste of intellectual resources. It is an embarrassment of mismanagement.

Many Canadians and Americans have come to assume that by their 50s they will have steady work, plenty of time to save for retirement and the opportunity to make their own retirement decisions.

ProPublica and the Washington think tank, Urban Institute, analyzed data from the Health and Retirement Study based on close to 20,000 people since 1992, from the time they turn 50 through the balance of their lives.

Analysis found that between the time older workers enter the study and when they leave paid employment, 56% are laid off at least once or leave jobs under such financially damaging circumstances that it’s likely they did not leave voluntarily.

Only one in 10 of these workers earns as much as they did before their employment setbacks. Years afterward, the household incomes of over 50% of those who experience such work disruptions remain considerably less than those workers who don’t. They never recover.

28% of stable, longtime employees suffered at least one damaging layoff between turning 50 and retirement. Some workers get a suggestive nudge from their employer and others get a cold boot. It seems a whole lot more are getting the cold boot.

Franchising may present a viable option for many people faced with this dilemma. Options come as home based, store front, hands-on or passive ownership models.

Regardless of your work history there is a franchise that can tap into that experience. Even emerging concepts still need good management and communication skills.

Being a franchise owner does not mean you flip the burger, pound the nail, drive the truck. Your role is more toward building the business and managing staff and clients.

In many cases a person can be set up in their franchise within 2 – 3 months. That time line will make it easier to manage fixed financial resources when you are laid off.

Find Your Ideal Franchise

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Esports Franchises – Billion Dollar Industry

Esports Startup Costs are very flexible, they are driven by the number of seats and whether you use mostly console or PC games.

Industry projections forecast this Exploding Industry will reach over 380 million people in 2019 with $1.4 Billion in sales by 2020.

Revolutionary Designs take the guesswork out of store design. Once a space is found (1500-2000 sq ft), the esports team will provide overheads and 3D designs in less than 2 weeks The entire store is delivered to your location for installation within 45 days.

Do not miss out on this Turnkey Opportunity to get in early, cash-in and change your life! This is your chance to join a global brand that harnesses best practices for design, marketing, and operations from years of experience around the world.

No Experience Needed – you will be taught everything you need to know. One Staff Member Per Shift keeps payroll under control. Most of your store is fully automated. Training for new staff is easy and auditable.

The Passive Ownership model lets you manage the manager so you can keep your existing career. Low Operating Expenses ensure most of the money stays in your pocket.

Exclusive Territories ensure the strength and value of your marketing

The entry level investment is modest. Monthly subscriptions alone can cover all the bills.
The average gamer today spends 11% of their leisure time each week playing eSports (almost 8 hours per week). They spend an average of $38 per month on video games and live in a household with an average income of $59,000.

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What To Expect From Your Consultant

Consultants are an excellent resource when you need help with a discrete project with well defined beginning, middle and end stages.

Long term, ongoing projects tend to be less appealing because they can be costly. Projects worthy of consideration for consultant assistance are most often critical, strategic and beyond the expertise and capacity of the host company.

Often the project is one-time or irregular in nature.

Host companies need a firm that is collaborative and a good listener with a laser focus on solving problems in unique ways that are customized to the users market and needs.

Host companies should steer clear of consultants that offer very high level deliverables that are not-actionable.

You do not need canned advice that is not much more than regurgitating what your executives said in the interview process.

Often , these firms have packaged solutions that are in search of a problem

I have helped a variety of start-up firms and going concerns in a variety of industries with their unique issues.



Is Franchising For You

Buying a franchise means you agree to follow the franchisors rules, adhere to their business systems and follow their operations manual.

This is all designed to keep the franchise uniform operationally and in the consumer’s eyes. That also means every franchisee pays the same franchise fee and the same royalties.

Owning a franchise means a lot of hard work and just as much patience.

Some people make the mistake of thinking a franchise is like buying a business in a box.

Don’t fool yourself into believing everything is set up for you and all you have to do is open the door and watch the money come to you.

At the end of the day, you need to find the right franchise for you, work hard and be patient.

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Top 5 Characteristics Of A Successful Franchisee

Question:  I’m thinking about investing in a franchise business but I’m not sure if I have what it takes to succeed.  What are some of the characteristics and skills I will need to maximize my chance of success?

Answer:  This is a terrific question and one of the most important things you should be focused on as you contemplate a possible move into franchising.  There are five key characteristics that will determine your success as a franchisee.

Risk Aversion.  Many people think that being in business as a franchisee is a big gamble.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you want to gamble, go to a Casino.

Successful franchisees are typically risk averse.  Sure, they understand and accept there is some risk, but they want that risk to be as minimal and controlled as possible. Every new business start-up involves some element of risk. A strong franchise with proven systems and a track record of success will minimize that risk for you.  Successful franchisees do their homework so they understand what they are getting into.

System Orientation.  You may think that in order to succeed as a franchisee you need to be a true entrepreneur.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  True entrepreneurs have an almost uncontrollable urge to reinvent the wheel based on an unbridled confidence in their ability to figure out how things should be done to maximize results.

On the other hand, successful franchisees are looking for proven systems. They don’t want to constantly try to figure out the best way to do something.  They want a proven, easy to follow system that tells them the best way to do everything associated with operating the business.  They are willing to listen and learn from others to avoid making the most common mistakes so that they can be more profitable and do it sooner.

Coachability.  The overarching motto of franchising is, “In business for yourself, not by yourself.”  The most successful franchisees adopt the philosophy of “when in doubt, ask.” These people look for opportunities to learn from others within their franchise system. The best opportunity to maximize success is to constantly ask for the advice of the franchisor support staff and other successful franchisees.  Be comfortable and confident in asking for help when needed.

Affinity For Hard Work.  Successful people have a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Their actions make this abundantly clear.  Success in your own business means putting in the hours to get the work done.  Regardless of the franchise concept, it is going to take work to make it successful, the most successful franchisees understand and accept this.

Strong People Skills.  Effective interaction with employees and customers depends on good interpersonal skills.  Strong people skills builds loyalty, value and trust.  This may be the most important attribute of all!

Successful franchisees may find life lonely at the top.  You need to be self-assured enough to embrace this challenge.  People around you are not going to constantly pat you on the back and tell you how great you are.

You need to be honest with yourself.  Do you truly have these characteristics?  If the answer is no or there is some doubt, then you need to ask yourself if you can focus on applying yourself so that you effectively show these characteristics through your actions?

If you can honestly answer yes to these questions, then you are well on your way to becoming a successful franchisee.  As always, take the time to thoroughly investigate each franchise opportunity to make sure it is the right concept for you and your experience, skills, lifestyle and financial strength. Then you will be set for success.

I will help you find that perfect fit; matching your skills, experience, passion, lifestyle and financial strength with the best franchise concept for you, whatever the industry.

From the beginning, I am committed to developing a unique and thorough system of candidate qualification and franchise selection, all types of entrepreneurs can find a great franchise.

Learn how you can Crush It! with a franchise, earn more income with less stress

Find Your Ideal Franchise

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GM Drops Bombshell – Unemployed Autoworkers

General Motors Drops Bombshell!

One of the viable options facing the 2500 workers facing lay off in Oshawa ON and the thousands more in the US, is a transition into self employment.

You can transition into ownership of a world class auto repair franchise with a legacy of success built on customer service and quality workmanship. You do not need auto repair experience but you will need a strong desire to succeed.

The superior training, systems and on-going support of this world class franchisor will be a great match with your own training with systems, processes and support. You will tap into a system of close to 800 other franchisees.

If you are a soon to be unemployed auto worker and this interests you, please contact me right away. The time to act is before you see your hard earned savings dwindle away on dead end opportunities that you pursue from desperation.

At no cost to you, I will help you research opportunities, market trends, industry projections, competitive analysis, real earnings potential.

Don’t make a hasty decision, make the right decision.

Will A Franchise Make Me A Millionaire Overnight

I am frequently asked ‘how much money will I make with this franchise?’
Invariably the answer is the same; it depends……It depends on two basic factors.
One factor is that it reflects the time and effort each franchisee decides to invest in building their own business.
The other factor is the capital you choose to invest. That is human and monetary capital.
A few franchisors that I work with do not rigidly mandate the working capital nor the time commitment to their franchisees. Franchisees in these systems enjoy tremendous flexibility. They can start their franchise with a modest capital investment and grow at their own speed over a period of time that works best for them. Franchisees can jump in full time or ease in gradually.
A flexible working capital investment approach allows individuals the opportunity to start their franchise modestly or   quickly. The ramp up time is based on their own timetable and resources. You do not have tight targets that you must adhere to other than those that are self imposed, but you still retain the potential for high end earnings.
Let me know if you like the idea of controlling your own time and capital investment while still enjoying the strong training, systems and support of a successful franchisor.

VROOM! VROOM! Get Your Motor Running With An Automotive Franchise

Get your motor running with a top rated automotive franchise with 45+ yrs of experience building customer service and quality workmanship with 800 franchises.
You will enjoy strong brand recognition, economies of scale, top-notch and unique operational support techniques, superior marketing strategies, innovative technologies, an excellent training support system.
The strategic and growth-minded leadership team believe their dedication and focus to the brand experience, along with their retail and marketing technology platforms provide franchisees and their customers with a world-class experience.
Automotive experience is not required
Proven business system with Superior marketing support
Protected territories
One of the most comprehensive 2-week training programs in the industry
Extensive, unique operations support
Multi-unit incentives
License fee & royalty discounts
Free POS
2018 Top 200 Largest Franchises Winner
Put a little extra horsepower in your investment strategy. Call me today so we can explore this in greater detail.