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Why Franchises Are So Successful

Many of the risk factors and start-up problems associated with stand-alone businesses are reduced or virtually eliminated with franchise ownership. This is due primarily to the following factors:

  • Marketing for franchises is frequently supported by brand name advertising and back office support such as call centres and mentors.
  • Franchises use tested and proven systems that create stability, reliability, duplicatable training, and the opportunity for wealth creation.
  • The franchise owner never has to “go it alone,” because there is a community of other franchise owners and on-going support from the franchisor.

These are only a few of the factors why over 8 million people are employed by franchises and franchises are a favoured investment by many seasoned business people.

Here are some interesting facts about franchises:

  • There are over 757,055 franchised establishments which is roughly 2% of the total businesses in North America.
  • That 2% produces a staggering $802 billion in output every year.

Franchised establishments employ over 8.2 million people each year creating, on average, 11 jobs per franchise establishment.

Franchises are businesses that are proven to be successful.

Savvy franchise owners often view their franchise as an asset. Depending on how you staff and run your franchise, you can be the manager, or you can be semi-passive and hire a manager and let the franchise make money for you without the responsibilities of day-to-day operations.

There are many reasons people get into franchising, but if the franchise didn’t make money, they wouldn’t stay very long. As the figures show, franchises are a very important part of our economy.

Now that you know a little more about franchising and franchise brokers, let’s talk.

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Let’s start to explore franchising to see how good a fit this really is for you

Monday Morning Hangover

That is not a hangover; it is called Monday.

Imagine the concept of being excited to go to work on a Monday morning.

Franchising can give you a whole new outlook on your Monday morning. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of a Monday morning cure.
Solutions come as a single unit, multiple units or as an empire building area developer with prescriptions ranging from $40K to $6M. You can stay domestic or take it international.

The great part is that you have full control, you decide on the solution to your own Monday morning hangover!

Many home based franchisors can have you up and running within 6 – 8 weeks. Bricks and mortar franchises take a little longer as the location must be found, the lease negotiated and the store built and stocked.

Most people begin to feel the excitement of the opportunity building while they are in training. The day you say good bye to your old boss and hello to the new boss, the person in the mirror, is close.

Imagine yourself as the boss. Picture yourself as the go to person, you are in charge. Imagine the good days and the inevitable bad days. You will grow as a person.

Do not forget everything and everyone from your past. There may be an old supervisor or employee who helped you with tough problems. They can still be a valuable resource for your future journey.

As the captain of the new ship, it is important to build a strong, sea worthy crew around you. Tap into a variety of hard and soft skills and people with varied levels and arenas of experience.

Instead of a Monday morning hangover, you can view every Monday as the next chapter in an on-going opportunity to build a legacy of success.

Franchising – Is it for you. Begin exploring the possibilities today!